Global Corporation Company is committed to enroll in a policy of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment for customer satisfaction and performance optimization of its employees.

Commitment 1 - Quality Policy

The Directorate of Global Corporation Company agrees to place its customers at the heart of its concerns to provide services in line with their needs and technical assistance more efficient and still comply with their requirements and with the regulations.

Procedures and work processes, providing real working tools for all staff, are implemented with measurable quality objectives for all organizational levels within a system of continuous improvement.

For the sake of quality management, the Department attaches great importance to the satisfaction, motivation and morale of its staff.

Commitment 2 - Hygiene and Health Policy

The Directorate of Global Corporation Company undertakes to ensure good conditions of hygiene and health at work of all of its staff :
• Identifying the risks that may cause immediate or subsequent accidents or occupational diseases,
• Ensuring the protection of health (social and medical coverage).

Commitment 3 - SAFETY Policy

The Directorate of Global Corporation Company asked its staff and its partners to adhere to compliance with safety standards and in accordance with the law. It has engaged in this policy :
• identifying business risks,
• informing staff about the dangers and preventive measures,
• Asking its employees to communicate and not to perform an operation when a risk can affect their physical and / or that of others (right of withdrawal).

Commitment 4 – Environment

Branch Company Global Corporation is actively involved in preserving the environment by :
• Engaging with its partners in sustainable development,
• Developing an environmental culture within the Company,
• Directing its research into new technologies friendly.

Commitment 5 - Training Policy

The Directorate of Global Corporation Company agrees to preserve and enhance the skills of its staff and all of its employees by :
• Providing a training plan to meet the career goals of each,
• Establishing an ongoing monitoring of acquired,
• Developing its flagship "training". © 2021 | Tous droits réservés | Mentions Légales | Contact