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Anticipation rigorous work and mastery of the workings in the implementation are the keys to success of these delicate stages. Inspection modernization of facilities, GCC Company guarantees its customers to maintain their production and restart their facilities as soon as possible.

Our Services :

The preparation phase of the critical determinant of success stopping unit.
To carry out these large-scale operations, the GCC Company prepares its interventions rigorously 6 to 12 months before the start of work. This important step provides maximum anticipation of resource needs, facilities and skills.

Implementation: speed and efficiency.
The very short response time, 3-5 weeks on average, do not leave room for improvisation. CCG Company controls the risks and keep safety as a major objective. His professionalism and expertise in the field, such as editing, cleaning and metallurgy, are now a reference in the following services :

Project management Direction of work Coordinating QHSE
Planning Supervision

Sectors :

With numerous experiences in the field, the GCC Company operates with medium and large industries in many sectors such as :

  • Drilling
  • Industry
  • Energy
  • Metallurgy
ouvrier spécialisé au travail


Comprehensive, preventive and corrective maintenance of industrial sites, Global Corporation Company agrees with you and ensures maximum availability of production facilities at the lowest cost. Audit situation, planning optimization work, implementation, our versatile teams carry all types of interventions.

Our Services :

Quality at the heart of the process
Global Corporation Company anchor development in a real dynamic of continuous improvement based on : customer satisfaction, lower costs, the objectives and technical.
In perfect harmony with the production strategies of its customers, the company defines maintenance policies oriented performance and sustainability of the proposed solutions.
Continuous and always better to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow progression Global Corporation Company has developed methods and tools to evaluate each of the projects. Whether one-off or long-term contracts, these analyzes enable productivity proactive interventions (prevention, assessment, analysis, corrective actions), thus ensuring the achievement of defined objectives.

Maintenance, from A to Z
To enable optimal implementation of the work and adapt to organizational needs of its customers, the Company GCC manages all stages of plant maintenance :

  • • Planning and implementation of maintenance.
  • • Organization of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • • Management of investment plans.
  • • Control of the QHSE policy
  • • Organization and management teams (GCC teams and partners).
  • • Definition of working groups: control maintenance and reliability.
  • • Establishment of a fine.
  • • Monitoring and control of performance indicators.
  • • Writing lines and procedures.
  • • Measuring and monitoring productivity.

Sectors :

Has competent multidisciplinary teams and strong rich industry experience, Global Corporation Company offers maintenance services to medium and large industries specializing in many sectors including :

  • Drilling
  • Industry
  • Energy
  • Metallurgy
Une équipe spécialisée oragnisée

Ensure the reliability and performance of origin, the integrity of the process: a challenge mastered.

Global Corporation Company again demonstrates its expertise in industrial cleaning operations carried out in situ. With its specialized and authorized personnel, the group ensures :

  • • A rapid mobilization of its teams.
  • Customer satisfaction, while maintaining security, regardless of the technical situation.
  • • Benefits of exemplary quality. In its process of continuous improvement.
  • • Global Corporation Company participates in the development of protective equipment and procedures for use in conjunction with other organizations.

Our Services :

Several modes of cleaning :

  • • High cleaning, high pressure.
  • • Chemical cleaning.
  • • Cleaning of surfaces.

For various applications, the expertise of the company allows it to intervene to missions :
  • Cleaning capacity, oil tanks,
  • • Cleaning during off units or in a hostile environment,
  • Extraction pasty or powdery waste,
  • Blanketing tanks or surface stripping, sealing tests,
  • • Sections of hydraulic passages,
  • • Treatment conservation area, and drying down to -50 ° C dew point
  • • Preparation for fine products.

Sectors :

Player in many areas, particularly the GCC operates in sectors such as :

Drilling Industry Energy
Metallurgy Chimistry Petrochemicals
Pharmacy Ship repair

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