Safety is our top priority

Safety is the first "pillar" of the growth of the Company.

More than priority or approach, security is the cornerstone of our growth strategy, a mooring deep values of the Company.

The objective of the company is to ensure safe, efficient and reliable operations for customers who have their own requirements more stringent to meet. Security in GCC includes the safety of employees, the customers and all those who work around us, for the protection of assets and the environment.

Security, personal value

In an ongoing effort to strengthen the safety culture, Global Corporation Company each employee personally involved and committed to a responsible and proactive.

Safety culture of society is intrinsically linked to its growth and its current organization. Teams company Global Corporation Company are strong a commitment to ongoing improvement and continuous.

Operating system security management

This system places the integrated safety heart operations management. Constituting the basis of the GCC standards for all operational activities, consistent with current industry requirements.

Mobilized a team...

A department is totally dedicated to compliance and enforcement of safety rules. It includes both :
• Employees of management who are constantly moving on the ground,
• Security guards present in all operating sites.

In parallel, the GCC Security Committee composed of the management team and operators :
• Driver safety policy ;
• Organizes and analyzes feedback ;
• Sharing tools ;
• Strengthen the involvement of individuals ;
• Facilitate group training ;
• Increase awareness.

Collective internal and participatory action

Safety is an unconditional commitment as well as the health of women and men who are mobilizing every day to serve our customers. The straight line is our goal "zero incident".

Beyond their impact on operations, the consequences of an incident can be very heavy and affect the lives of the employees concerned and their families. As a result, GCC makes the observation that must continually strive to ensure that the personnel are injured and, more generally, that accidents occur. Each employee to return safely home.

Its main objective is to develop knowledge and awareness of safety issues and health, and to educate every employee to adopt a responsible and proactive behavior in order to continue to improve the safety culture within GCC. © 2021 | Tous droits réservés | Mentions Légales | Contact